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The Kennedy Center’s mission is to provide individuals and families in need with services, opportunities, and the tools they require to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Families in Charlestown are still feeling the impact of the government shutdown. Thousands of families in our community that rely on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), have been forced to stretch their food stamps far longer than normal. With the February winter break around the corner, the stress on parents to keep food on the table, has resulted in an uptick of requests for food and related assistance.
Despite an abundance of resources, food insecurity remains a growing problem in Charlestown. Thousands of individuals and families struggle to access affordable, healthy food on a consistent basis. Many families with school aged children are forced to rely on the school lunch program as their primary source of food throughout the year. Vacation week can be particularity challenging for these families, especially the children. With your help, the Kennedy Center can help keep food on the table during the February School Vacation week.
For $25 you can provide a family in need with a Vacation Meal Pack AND FREE lunch during the February winter break!